Introduction to Restorative Practice

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Tuesday 23 November 2021 (10:00 - 12:00)

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Audience: All Dudley's Children's Services Staff

Restorative Practice is being developed in Dudley to provide us with a framework for practice and a foundation for our organisational culture.  Restorative practice is a term used to describe a set of values, beliefs and behaviours that help to build and maintain healthy relationships. This allows outcomes to be improved, difficulties be resolved, and harm repaired where there has been conflict.  Restorative practice has a set of core values that are based on the belief that  when we working ‘WITH’ people rather than doing ‘TO’ or ‘FOR’ them they are more likely to make positive changes.

In Dudley we believe that families and their communities should be viewed as part of the ‘solution’ rather than the cause of the ‘problem’. We have a family focused vision of a connected town where healthy high challenge, high support relationships are established, nurtured and maintained.  Working closely with partners it is our intention using the principles of restorative practice to change the relationship between the local authority, our partners, children, their families and our local communities working with them to achieve long-term sustainable change.


  • The key principles of Restorative Practice;
  • The importance of connection and relationships;
  • WITH mentality

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